“They went in search of their origins -
and found themselves looking at Pandemonium.”


Pandora’s Urn

"To sum up he was the Mission Attendant on a Mission he did not believe in and even more complicated had been sworn to secrecy that he must not reveal that Sir Peter Weyland himself was on board."

"This place sure as hell was no Paradise but right now this was. She had no idea how lucky she had been that evening."

"He stood and took in the scene that greeted him. Many thoughts went through his mind at that point as to who these beings were. He was puzzled where were his people? However he concentrated on those in front of him, one had begun to speak language it was not the language of his people. He noted some violence between them."


"Elizabeth disabled the weapon and handed it to David. “No David before you ask I did not enjoy it. Though it was a good example for somebody or something of retribution mankind style."

“This is madness………..”

“This was meant to be, don't you see we are perfectly matched.”

“For me, to echo some elements of Mary Shelley, It is a study of an unsentimental god, it is about creativity and destruction, of a people without loving relationships that allows havoc to reign and evil to triumph. But it is also a cautionary tale where the unloved monster driven by fear turns out to be something we may never have considered.

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Readers Reviews

"In this age of you tube criticism and of Russian bots, to see Ridley Scott's 2012 movie as something else than an Ode to Promethean stupidity seems folly. 

That “folly” has resulted in an artistic reaction that has lead to disjointed story developments, which could lead to disappointment for someone waiting five years for them. 

In this context, I find Mrs Johnston's tale to be an effort to do justice to a future worth waiting for. The shock tactics of Covenant are gone and the reinterpreted bits that remain are interwoven in a fulfilling story about Life.

The Ignorant Guy."


“A spectacular vision of the future and the past which brings together the huge themes of love, faith and ultimate sacrifice. Detailed research and incredible imagination combine to give us an amazing journey.”



"It revives the events of Prometheus and offer them from a fresh perspective and then diverts from the unsatisfying conclusion to the film, narrating an alternative future. It includes drawing in the Space Jockey and his Cargo into an alternative journey to that which was implied by Covenant.

The driving force of the narrative is the complex relationship that develops between The Android, David, whose character becomes much more nuanced and developed and Dr Elizabeth Shaw. 

Elizabeth acts as our proxy for viewing this alternative universe, and it is through her vantage point we visit a different conclusion to this alien cosmos where faith meets an intelligent creation.

For fans of the “Alien” universe, and fans of exploring alternative conclusions, Prometheus: A Theodicy is an intriguing and enjoyable journey.


"This is why I love fantasy so much! 
I was fully absorbed in to the continued story of David and Elizabeth. The characters stayed true to form and I was ultimately looking for answers and boy you get them all right!
If you’re a fan of the franchise then you will not be disappointed….Get reading!!!!”


The Official Documentary of seven hours of material and how the novels fit in with the film makers aspirations 

How Far would you go to get your answers.

Seven is an important number. It is seven years since The Furious Gods documentary about the making of Prometheus was released.

In the coming months I will take the key questions raised by the 20th Century Fox Movie Prometheus and consider how far this documentary answers those questions.

In addition I will explain how I responded to those questions in my sequence of novels which reimagines the film at a more personal level and concludes by finally takes Doctor Elizabeth Shaw on her journey... all of it.

The Furious Gods Answers

What is the significance of the Waterfall Scene?


Scott ultimately decided to go with a more elegant and elemental saucer shaped ship, theorising that this group of  “seeding” Engineers predate the ones seen in the rest of the film by millions of years, and therefore would have a different looking vessel than the one introduced in Alien. 


This statement is caught up in the design element enhancement pod from the Conquest of Paradise section. It opens up the story to more depth and makes clear there is a distinction between the primitive and savage group of eight Elders and the sacrificial Engineer and their craft and all of the other Engineers we see in the movie, most importantly making the distinction that these are the seeding Engineers and that they predate the Engineers of LV 223 by millions of years. 

My vision 

I took exactly the same view. In my story David and Elizabeth learn from the two personalities they meet that the people of the Home world are not the Engineers of the story. Those whom first terra form and then seed their wisdom through the donation are the real Engineers of the story.  The people of the Home world are intimately connected to the story but they are not the Engineers.

Is there a Religious element to the story being told?


As Ridley points to the sacrificial bowl, called Genesis at the design phase he says. “They are religious because the whole story is about who made them. God made them.” 


Ridley is indicating this is a creation story with a hierarchy and whilst our makers come from the stars not the heavens the underlying idea is there is purpose behind creation. 

My vision

I took the same view. 

Geography What is the Importance of The Distinction between the two LV’s and Paradise and why are their five pyramids in the valley the Prometheus lands in?


“Was this LV 426 or another LV. In the original draft it was LV 426. Eventually it became a planet far across the galaxy.”  Arthur Max 

“It was LV 426 the entire time they were working on the movie.” Ben Proctor.

“Originally there was just one mound but he wanted a lot of scale so we introduced five very late on in post production “

“LV426 was a title at one point, some said It’s not the same planet but in Ridley’s mind it could have been, not that it would changed the story at all.” Steve Messing 

My vision

I was astonished to hear these sentiments expressed because I did away with the confusion of the LV’s and revealed in “Regained” that David knew the Lone Craft was in the highlands of the Moon 100 K away (This was in a sense a riff on the Weyland files where it is mentioned Weyland knew about the beacon).  The issue of two points of jeopardy on one Moon becomes part of the story telling and bleeds into David’s arc. It was noticeable in my reading group no one reacted negatively to this and indeed one couple asked why on earth wasn’t this how the film worked.

I was also pleased with the reasoning behind the five pyramids. There was no profound meaning to it. Not only did they look impressive but it underwrote David’s remark that there were many craft to chose from. I built on this and made each complex a centre from which five craft were accessible. I showed the reader the second pyramid, which leads into the final revelation and allowed Elizabeth to find an unarmed craft with no cargo on board in the fifth pyramid.   

Is the Space Jockey an Engineer?


The Space Jockey is an Engineer. Their is a substantial chapter called Chair Fetish which makes it plain as day they were all working very hard to replicate and recreate the iconic chair of the pilot.


Whilst no attempt is made to tell the specific story of the character in the chair the simple message is the Space Jockey is an Engineer from LV223. There are multiple comments through out the documentary and enhancements that one of the fundamental messages that is to be answered by the film is why would this race the space jockeys make such things (the cargo of Ovoid’s). LV223 provides the answer. 


The difference in size is artistic licence.  

My Vision

I took the same view. However I decided to give the craft its cargo and pilot story telling value. In the second novel, an original work, David and Elizabeth divert to the Lone Craft that provides them with a crucial answer they need to continue their journey. What transpires when they are in the craft explains its condition and circumstance when the Nostromo arrives in 2122. 

The Catalyser and The Mutagen.


The material in the sacrificial bowl is a sacrament given to a young engineer millions of years ago to kick start life on a planet. 

The black glope, as all those working on the movie called it, is essentially a liquid form of the xenomoprh or more accurately xenomorph outcomes and a weapon. 

They are not the same. 


The effect on the Worms, Fifield and Charlie leading to the Trilobite are essentially the same, they lead to connected outcomes. This was the intention of the filmmakers. The material is not a pathogen as described in Alien Covenant it is a mutagen which changes material. 

The only element of this application that is inconsistent is the effect of the material on the head, which explodes. Indeed one of the practical effects team indicates that is how Fifield and Charlie will end. In terms of consistent application and that Fifield and Charlie are on the same journey I think that is a misunderstanding on the part of the interviewee. There is no evidence elsewhere in the seven hours of material that Fifield or Charlie were set to explode.

My vision 

For the sake of clarity in a two-part story the material seeded is a gift of the hierarchy to share across the Universe. It contains an earth and liquid element that reflects the sacrificial chant, and when brought together creates the reaction. 

The Engineers stole the liquid element and a fallen donation engineer brings with him his ‘gift‘ of the earth element. There is crucial story telling around this issue. 

The Engineers work to create a surrogate earth element whose base sequence is a radical form of A. I. and this is the basis for the creation of the Virus the Mutagen and there intended attempt to re order creation. When David inspects one of the vials in the Cylinder you see two different elements that is where my inspiration comes from.

In order to tell a direct and communicable story about the mutagen the hammerpedes, Fifield, Charlie elements are streamlined and reduced to one and instead we get to understand what is happening to Charlie from his point of view. In addition two entirely new crew members replace the Fifield/ Milburn narrative and are used to make it clear the Ovoid’s were manufactured on the Moon.  So we understand the danger of the craft leaving for earth much more clearly and we know the cargo and therefore the lone craft and pilot come from the pyramids.  

The Cause of the Outbreak on LV 223?


The proposition is why would these Space Jockeys/Engineers make such monsters .We travel to meet our makers and find they are not very nice (Spaiht’s) and what they made on their Anthrax Island (Scott) was their undoing.  


The derelict incident and the moon incident are essentially the same. Mankind comes upon devastation and interferes with our creators work. In both cases the precise nature and reason for the devastation is left unanswered. However because Prometheus echo’s Alien on a much larger scale we can see that they produced the Mutagen on an industrial scale and it got out of control.   

My vision

The answer that Elizabeth receives honours the Promethean story. The creatures of the Moon have stolen technology and intervened in sub creation. As the idea of the movie is that creation is with purpose then they have rebelled against that purpose. My story builds on this and explains what could go wrong in an unsentimental universe of intelligent creation, what the consequences are and the story is how Elizabeth and David become caught up in that failure.  

I also exploit Damon Lindelof’s remarks that with David on board there are three layers of creation at least in the story “he hangs out with his creators every day”.  I take Weyland creation of David the reasons and their reactions to each other as being a very personal metaphor for the much larger story. One of the central themes, like the story and relationship of Dr Frankenstein and the creature, is the notion of lack of consent and that the sub created layer may begin making demands. 

The Deacon and the Creature?


The Deacon is the perfect expression of the Engineers achievements and the relief of the Deacon represents the worship of the creature by the Engineers of LV223.  As the material in the cylinders, the virus created by these Engineer’s, becomes diluted the result the Xenomorph is less pure. (Steve Messing) The creature is viewed as a grace note to the much larger story and represents an aspect of the danger of the Engineers. (Jon Spaihts)


The Deacon is the apex of the Engineers of LV223 achievements. It is the consequence of the sacrifice of an Engineer and is intended to act as a weapon, which can eradicate and restart life on other planets. 

My vision

I took the same view the Deacon and the material in the Cylinders is the inhabitants of the Moons ultimate achievement and would be used to upgrade life on Earth.  The creature by contrast is the consequence of an accident when Kane interferes with the cargo of Eggs in 2122. 

My story builds on this notion and it becomes clear the Ovoid’s were created with a specific purpose in mind and the creature in ALIEN is punishment for interference.